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  • Mood: High
  • Listening to: Big Pun - Still Not a Player
  • Reading: Omairi desu yo
  • Watching: Shane Dawson
  • Playing: Dynasty Warriors 8
  • Eating: Egg Mayo mhm foodgasm
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Write down the names of ten of your friends and mix the names up using the randomizer to randomize 10 times:

Okie since most of my friends don't have da account im gonna use only the ones tht do and the rest is gonna be mixture of Black Butler and Naruto XD

1. Grell
2. Orochimaru
3. Omfgbaka :iconomfgbaka:
4. IchigoMei :iconichigomei:
5. Sebastian
6. Naruto
7. Itachi
8. Sasuke
9. loxolp :iconloxolp:
10. Ciel

Using these names, answer the questions below! 


Q: What would you do if you saw 3 kissing 8 under a mistletoe? 
A: Bitch thts mah man :iconpissedjapanplz:

Q: What would you do if 4 smacked 7 over a fight on the best type of cookies?
A: Meh...thts their way of flirting :icongermanyeyebrowsplz: 

Q: What would you do if 10 was flirting with 9 while you knew 5 liked 10?
A: I have to say I love tht randomizer XD just fits so well....*dies of laughter*.....I guess I would do nothin :iconcreepygermanysparkle:

Q: What would you do if 1 started dry-humping 5 on the dinner table? 
A: as far as I could cuz I know tht sebby would kill anything around his bitch ass :iconkikuwtfplz:

Q: What would you do if 2 started licking hot-chocolate whip cream off of 6's mouth? 
A: first..shout yaoi~! then I would take a picture and then I would write a fanfiction...:iconlolyesjapan:

Q: What would you do if 7 started eating all of your food?
A: dayum :iconichigomei: control ur bitch~ :iconhellno2pgermanyplz:

Q: What would you do if 4 started towards 10 with a knife in their hand?
A: get a popcorn and watch :icontheherrisdatplz:

Q: What would you do if 8 was feeding 5 candycanes while giving them a lap dance? 
A: :iconhandspazzplz: fuck where mah camera at


Q: What would you say if 9 told you to bitchslap 1?
A: -gets knife- come over here grell I heard ur ass likes bondage :iconkoltrollplz:

Q: What would you say if 3 asked you to kiss them?
A: ...Wouldn't be the first time....or the last time.....:iconone-with-russiaplz:

Q: What would you say if 7 asked you to have a threesome with 2 and 4? 
A: well ichigomei....ur lovah wants me to have sex wit u and ur brother :iconrussia-sexyface:

Q: What would you say if 5 started bumping-and-grinding into you? 
A: ciel~ get yo bitch of me or I shall use mah pimp hand :iconpimprussiaplz:

Q: What would you say if 6 wanted to throw a party at your house?
A: Sure yah go ahead but when I come back it better be cleaned :iconprussiaderpplz:

Q: What would you say if you caught 8 drinking illegally behind the roast beast? 
A: hey why u no invited meh *shoves sasuke aside* yo ass better have WKD here *starts searchin*

Q: What would you say if 10 came up and threw up toys onto your feet?
A: i though ur a adult :iconpedorussiaplz:


Q: How would you feel if 7 told you they hated you?
A: tht all........mkay bye..:iconrussiaishappyplz:

Q: How would you feel if 3 was hitting on you?
A: guuurl u better take things slowly :iconpervyrussiaplz: 

Q: How would you feel if 1 and 10 started brawling?
A: -speaking to loxolp- 10 bucks tht grell will try to molest ciel :icongilmoemoekyunplz:

Q: How would you feel if 5 started sobbing over 8 eating the Christmas tree?
A: -slaps sebby- take it like a man~ :icon2pgermanyplz: -points- u better puke tht piece of shit out :iconrussiapoke-plz:

Q: How would you feel if 9 tried to pickpocket your Christmas money?
A: Bitch stole mah money :iconohfuckplz:

Q: How would you feel if 4 and 2 told you that they were a couple?
A: i sense a incest :iconprimorsky:

Q: How would you feel if 8 or 4 wanted to date you? 
A: well choices choices XD imma taking sasuke cuz ichigomei would pound my ass :iconprussiaumadplz:

Q: How would you feel if 7 told you that they were gay? 
A: i already knew tht....:iconlaughingprussiaplz:

Q: How would you feel if 5 declared that they had a foot fetish? 
A: really~? i always though u have cat fetish..strange :iconfranceisnotpleased:

.....This has nothin to do wit Christmas accept the first question.... :iconitalywtfplz:


898LeeLee898's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
ellos~ people im LeeLee and im like any other otaku :3
i love drawing, anime, manga, YAOI~!!!!(i dont mind yuri
but i prefer yaoi) aaaaaaaaaaand kpop
(especially jay park -drools- if u dont know him u should
check him out ;D) and of course i love my family and friends ^_^
but i dont think u care about tht -__-..............anyways if u like
my art or just wants to be my friend :3 +watch me
and i will +watch u back \(^o^)/ and one of the main points
im still not tht good in english so im sorry if sometimes i dont
make sence ^^'just tell me or give me smack across the face XD
byez~ thanks for reading this shit >;D

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___________o¶¶¶¶¶¶ oooo___
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______________________00____ ¶¶0___
________________________o..0000 ___

゙(゚、 。 7 Kitty ^_^
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
-"--"- owl $_$
'(_ _)' Bunny ~ hop hop
I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw2PM Stamp by Crystal-ArtistPark Jaebeom by Crystal-ArtistKim Junsu by Crystal-ArtistNichkhun Horvejkul by Crystal-ArtistOk Taecyeon by Crystal-ArtistJang Wooyoung by Crystal-ArtistLee Junho by Crystal-ArtistHwang Chansung by Crystal-Artist2am Stamp by KamiikorosuSHINee Stamp by haine905SHINee Lucifer Stamp by JustSayNOriegaSHINee Animated Stamp by lifeyouvebrokenSHINee Lucifer Stamp by Kyomu-chanJonghyun Stamp :D by MelzyVBIG BANG STAMP by cremecakeBig Bang stamp by Tsuki-ZaT.O.P (Stamp) by AMerHAkeemVictory OR Nothing by broken-thornsG-Dragon Stamp by IloveyoukisshuStamp LuHan 02 by Mifukai-DesingStamp EXO-K MAMA by Mifukai-DesingStamp EXO-M MAMA by Mifukai-DesingStamp EXO by Mifukai-DesingRain - Love Song Stamp by KitWolfrenGangnam Style Animated Stamp by LoliFlanCute Faces Stamp by ETrademarkkLe Moustache Stamp by Leafbreeze7Se7en - Better Together "Girl" by OyabunOfKyotobreakdown by PartusanStamp Super Junior 02 by Mifukai-Desingzouhen by Partusanheechulshingongstamp by Partusansuju stamp by Partusandonghae stamp by Partusankyuhyuk by Partusankyuhyun stamp 1 by Partusansungminleeteuk by Partusankyuhyun stamp 6 by Partusanryeowook and siwon suju stamp by Partusankyuhyun stamp 1 by PartusanKyuSung Stamp 2 by Unii-Hime182Yesung Lotte STAMP by JadeRiverJRLeeteuk SS3 STAMP by JadeRiverJRBLOW UR MIND by Jablonka89HanChul 2 by John-lockedSuper Junior: Eunhyuk by CarnivalstripesSJ by Jablonka89Super Junior: EunHae by CarnivalstripesSS501 Stamp by H-Diddyss501 jungmin stamp 2 by XiahismRequest: Fantastic Baby stamp by D-g-A00057 FT Island's Primadonna by AitaniaHongki Stamp by Chie95

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