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Happy B - day omfgbaka by 898LeeLee898
Happy B - day omfgbaka
Happy late birthday :iconomfgbaka: im so
sorry it took me so long ;;w;; I wanted this
to be on your actual birthday (I wanted
to post this and then at ur house tell u to check
da but meh instead we got drunk XD) I was so
busy ( exams killed us both lets start revolution
against our school XD ) but anyways I really
hope u like this :iconaawplz:

p.s gurl please slow down on you oc making I cant keep up ;;w;;

All characters belong to: :iconomfgbaka:
Cow Boy by 898LeeLee898
Cow Boy
Hiya guys XD im disappearing and appearing like
sum sassy ghost well the thing is actually
a ghost mwahahaha :icondignitylaughplz:

well anyways ths piece was supposed to look way
better but I got discouraged half way and in
the end I just rushed it soo yeaaa......^^;
originally he was supposed to be  in a chamber
and also hes a sex slave just a lil info u might
want to know XD

p.s don't steal this poop :iconawwwplz:
Merry Christmas 2014 by 898LeeLee898
Merry Christmas 2014
Please guys have a awesome holidays and hope all ur wishes come true ;w;
thank you :iconpotato-butts::iconichigomei::iconomfgbaka: :icondarkvelocitycat: as well as all of my
 watchers for sticking with me all these years ik im a pain in the but with my activity
but im trying to stay as active as possible while sustaining my sanity *inner voice*
ha! whut sanity!*clears throat* anyways.......hope u get lots of presies bye!!

p.s don steal this poop please :iconawwwplz:
Akatsuki in Wonderland - Sasori by 898LeeLee898
Akatsuki in Wonderland - Sasori
meh another one of these fuckers XD
there is gonna be 4 more to go so watch out ;3
I already done the sketches now I just
need to get my ass to finish them ^^;
anyways I hope u enjoyed sum drag queen
action ;3 I sure am dem bitches are fabulous ;3

:iconhornysasoriplz::iconsaysplz: oohh girl I look fine~
:icon898leelee898::iconsaysplz: ......
:iconsasoriunimpressedplz::iconsaysplz: seriously no reaction?
:icon898leelee898::iconsaysplz: piss off im too tired to give a crap about ur bullshit
:iconsasoriunimpressedplz::iconsaysplz: excuse me?
:icon898leelee898::iconsaysplz: sorry......… <--- Deidara… <--- Hidan… <--- Itachi… <--- Juugo… <--- Kakuzu… <--- Orochimaru… <--- Karin… <--- Kisame… <--- Konan… <--- Pein

ps don't steal this poop please :iconawwwplz:
  • Mood: It's Hot
  • Listening to: Infinite - Reflex
  • Reading: Omairi desu yo
  • Watching: Pewdiepie
  • Playing: Dynasty Orochi 3
  • Eating: Spaghetti with ketchup and cheese
  • Drinking: Water

() You are very mature ( yea imma soo mature :iconewsasukeplz: )
() You enjoy being alone
() You are a natural leader, and do well with authority
() You remain calm under pressure ( do I look calm to u :iconsasukeisnothappyplz: )
(x) You are very patient
() You have many responsibilities
() You are in charge of one or more people (work, school projects, sports, etc.)
(/) You always think things through thoroughly before acting. You never make a decision on a whim. ( meh depends :iconcoolsasuke-plz: )
() You don't speak much unless you have something important to say.
(x)You are generally even-tempered, but when angered, you are terrifying. ( friends tell me that dunno why :iconsasukeultrarapeplz: )
Total: 2.5
Jeff the Killer

() You are very stubborn and will do whatever it takes to get your way
(x) You prefer working alone; Teamwork is not your thing ( hey tht way no one will hear my yaoi ideas :iconpervysasukeplz: )
() You hate large groups of people
() You have a very quick temper
() You enjoy drama and will often start fights
(x) You're very set in your ways, and don't like change ( hahah I think no one likes change gurl :iconsasukewinkplz: )
() You can be emotionally unstable
() You have a fear or dislike of authority
() You are most active at night ( hohoh are u dropping hints :iconnarutoraepfaceplz:
(x) You are very restless and don't like to stay in one place for too long ( I.HATE.SHOPPING. :iconnarutoangryplz: )
Total: 3


() You are very shy and soft-spoken
() You have trouble making friends/meeting new people
() You will be the first to sacrifice so others can be happy
(x) You are very loyal ( gotta problem :iconnarutonekofaceplz: )
() You have a secret that could potentially hurt people
(x) You mean well, but often accidentally come off the wrong way ( yea....:iconnarublushplz: )
(x) You have a fear of being alone ( thts shiz is serious mannn :iconnarutowtfplz: )
(/) You don't care if people insult you, but you will furiously defend your friends/loved ones ( if bitch disobeys imam slap her :iconnarutogustaplz: )
(x) You strongly desire something you know you likely may never achieve ( to see 2pm :iconcreepynarutoplz: )
(x) You feel most secure in small spaces. You dislike clear, open spaces. ( shizzle bitch its scary out there :iconnarutowthplz: )
Total: 5.5

() You are very passionate about your beliefs
() You hate drama, and try your best to avoid it
(x) You sometimes feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities ( yea especially now....shit tonne of exams :iconnarutoisscaredplz: )
() You work very well in groups; you love teamwork
() You are struggling to fill someone's shoes, or live up to someone's expectations
() You have trouble fitting in
() You have a strange/unique talent
(x) You have a strong relationship with your family ( I guess soo they luv me I luv them :iconnarutokunplz: )
(x) You don't have many friends, but the few you have are incredibly close ( mhm here is preview of my closest :iconichigomei::iconloxolp::iconomfgbaka: go check them out ;D )
() You always put 100% into what you do, even if you're not very good at it
Total: 3


() You have a great sense of humor ( I haz a weird sense of humour :iconakamaruishappyplz: )
() You are very outgoing and make friends easily
(/) You are not afraid to speak what is on your mind ( when im pissed then I say whatever :iconshykakashi-plz: )
() You are incredibly curious
() You have had an unrequited love
(x) You can be gullible ( hey I only trust ppl okie :iconkakashithumbsup2plz: )
() You are easily offended, and have a bad temper
() You have overcome many obstacles in life
() You're a party animal
() You have a fear of fire ( hell naah imma luv camp fires and bonfires :iconkakashithumbsupplz: )
Total: 1.5

(x) You have many friends/loved ones ( pllz who luvs me yes :iconkakashiumadface-plz: )
() You are very open minded
() You are brutally honest
(x) You are very protective of your friends ( of course their mah friends after all :iconsakuraharunosmileplz: )
() You love to try new things
() You are trendy
() You are the jealous type
() You enjoy playing the match maker
() You are a morning person (pffffss hahahahah fuck nahh man I need at least 10 hours of sleep a day :iconsakura6plz: )
(x) You are great at multitasking ( yaaaa I aint bad at it :iconsakuracameplz: )
Total: 3

() You rarely talk
(x) You are very capable and can always be trusted to finish a task ( whu? cant bitch finish her job :iconsakuraderpplz: )
() You hate wasting time, everything must have a purpose
() You are very efficient
() You suffer from a OCD, ADHD, or other disorders
() You have difficulty communicating with others outside your circle of friends
() You never rage when angered, you have calm, clear fury
() You always make the most logical decision, even if it means someone gets hurt
() You rarely show emotion
(x) You are often asked for advice ( imma doing mah best to help :iconguynutsplz: )
Total: 2


() You have a high IQ
() You are tech savvy
(x) You are very independent (mhm :iconkankurorapefaceplz: )
() You dearly want to return somewhere you cannot go
() You are bored very easily
() You are easily annoyed
() You greatly enjoy intellectual conversations and debates
() You have a harsh sense of humor
(x) You hate children ( sad but true then hoes are annoying :iconpwn3dplz:
() You have trouble admitting you're wrong
Total: 2
Laughing Jack

() You are easily excitable ( what type of 'excitable' :iconrockleerapefaceplz: )
() You are/were the class clown
() You deeply desire friendship, though you often find it hard to come by
() You care deeply, but are incredibly vengeful if betrayed
() You are very perseverant 
() You can tend to have a morbid sense of humor
(x) You'll happily make a fool of yourself to cheer your friends up ( yea why not if they need cheering imma strip :iconchibipeinplz:
() You greatly enjoy frightening people
() You're not afraid to cause a scene in a public space
() You struggle truly opening up to people
Total: 1
 Im Masky :3 I dunno who tht is so imma look him up ;D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10 MINUTES LATER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 hmmmm soo im this -----> :iconmaskyplz: okie ;D............I need to read more creepypasta ^^;


898LeeLee898's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
ellos~ people im LeeLee and im like any other otaku :3
i love drawing, anime, manga, YAOI~!!!!(i dont mind yuri
but i prefer yaoi) aaaaaaaaaaand kpop
(especially jay park -drools- if u dont know him u should
check him out ;D) and of course i love my family and friends ^_^
but i dont think u care about tht -__-..............anyways if u like
my art or just wants to be my friend :3 +watch me
and i will +watch u back \(^o^)/ and one of the main points
im still not tht good in english so im sorry if sometimes i dont
make sence ^^'just tell me or give me smack across the face XD
byez~ thanks for reading this shit >;D

________.¶¶¶¶¶000000 0___
_________¶¶¶¶¶¶00000 00___
_________.¶¶¶¶¶¶0000 000___
__________¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶00 00___
___________o¶¶¶¶¶¶ oooo___
_________________¶oo o___
__________________.¶ ooo___
___________________. ¶ooo___
____________________ .¶ooo___
______________________00____ ¶¶0___
________________________o..0000 ___

゙(゚、 。 7 Kitty ^_^
 l、゙ ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
-"--"- owl $_$
'(_ _)' Bunny ~ hop hop
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